American Songwriter on The Arrow

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“For reasons  that are incomprehensible to many of us, Power Pop is a bit like having a high IQ. Many covet it, many would like to have, but the whole topic is just too embarrassing to talk about. Maybe Jeffrey Dean Foster’s new CD, The Arrow (Angel Skull Records), will change all that. Produced by the legendary Mitch Easter, the guy who helped REM achieve solid liftoff, Foster’s new album is so full of strong yet winsome melodies, catchy hooks and vocals that thankfully owe nothing to Eddie Vedder’s ridiculous, rocks-in-the-mouth phrasing, that maybe, like being smart, it will be soon be cool to cop to the fact that you like tuneful Rock. […] Just listen to The Arrow. If the target Foster is aiming at is your heart? Bullseye!” — Peter Gerstenzang

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