JDF and the Yes Men at Phuzz Phest

The gentleman rocker emeritus of Winston-Salem, Jeffrey Dean Foster released The Arrow, the critically acclaimed follow-up to 2005’s Million Star Hotel, last year. I’m a huge fan, and both albums hold a prized place in my collection. The fleeting quality of his recorded music is only enhanced in a live setting, with each song walking the knife’s edge between exquisite craft and careless accident.

Thank you to Jordan Green and Triad City Beat for including me in this Phuzz Phest preview (or Phorecast, if you’re into their Ph-prefixes). Our set is on Saturday, April 18, right in the middle of the weekend-long festival. The Yes Men – Brooks Carter, John Pfiffner and Snuzz – and I will be playing at The Garage at 9:30 p.m., in a prime slot right between Celestogramme and The Dead Tongues.

For more information, single-night tickets or weekend wristbands and a full fest–er, phestival schedule, check out PhuzzPhest.com. We hope to see you all on Saturday night!

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