New Video: “Young Tigers Disappear”

Jeffrey Dean Foster has released his newest music video for the track “Young Tigers Disappear,” the latest single from his critically acclaimed album The Arrow.

“I think that the big view of the song could be heard as anti-war, but the zoomed-in, micro view is about the old and rich sending the young and poor out to fight their wars,” Foster explained. “It has happened forever. It’s been a while since one of our leaders was actually out front, leading the charge on a horse.”

The video for “Young Tigers Disappear” was directed by documentary filmmaker Tom Green, who echoed Foster’s sentiments. “I think in today’s extremely polarized political environment, it’s good to envision how we can avoid conflict rather than enflame it,” Green said. “I wanted to do a video that was true to the anti-war message of the song, but also true to Jeff’s kind spirit. If we could all learn to express our opinions through art rather than divisive speech, I think we’d all be better off.”

In addition to Green’s talents, the video also includes Civil War re-enactors representing the 28th Regiment NC Troops and “40 kids with sticks,” who were all recruited through local drama organizations.

“After I wrote the song, I started to wonder if it was too topical, explicit or even obsolete,” Foster said “Sadly, it seems like it won’t be obsolete for years to come.”

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