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“Young Tigers” in No Depression

No Depression added our song “Young Tigers Disappear” to its list of politically charged tracks (including “What’s Goin’ On,” so we’re in good company) that you “probably won’t hear at a Clinton or Trump rally.”

Check out the rest of the list – and the interview with Peter Case that preceded it – here.

Relish & Don Dixon


“Don Dixon has had a hand in virtually every record Jeffrey Dean Foster has ever made — even when he wasn’t invited. ‘I opened the door and there was Dixon,’ Foster said over ginger ales at Single Brothers. “He just showed up. He said, ‘I’m here — what do you want me to do?’”

– Eddie Huffman was nice enough to interview me for Relish, where we talked about my longtime musical partnership with Don Dixon, our collaborations on The Arrow and why he deserves a lot of the credit for that Pinetops record. You can check out the whole article HERE.

Don Dixon will be opening for The Yes Men and me at The Garage on Friday, August 27 and then, two nights later, I’ll return the favor and open for his Jump Rabbits at The Evening Muse in Charlotte on Sunday, August 29.

JDF and the Yes Men at Phuzz Phest

The gentleman rocker emeritus of Winston-Salem, Jeffrey Dean Foster released The Arrow, the critically acclaimed follow-up to 2005’s Million Star Hotel, last year. I’m a huge fan, and both albums hold a prized place in my collection. The fleeting quality of his recorded music is only enhanced in a live setting, with each song walking the knife’s edge between exquisite craft and careless accident.

Thank you to Jordan Green and Triad City Beat for including me in this Phuzz Phest preview (or Phorecast, if you’re into their Ph-prefixes). Our set is on Saturday, April 18, right in the middle of the weekend-long festival. The Yes Men – Brooks Carter, John Pfiffner and Snuzz – and I will be playing at The Garage at 9:30 p.m., in a prime slot right between Celestogramme and The Dead Tongues.

For more information, single-night tickets or weekend wristbands and a full fest–er, phestival schedule, check out We hope to see you all on Saturday night!

No Depression Interview with JDF

“Jeffrey Dean Foster and The Right Profile signed to a major label but never released an album. Bandmate Stephen Dubner left the band and eventually co-wrote Freakonomics.  Foster regrouped with The Carneys and that band also recorded an album that was never released.  Drummer Jon Wurster moved on to Superchunk and comedy writing. A determined Foster formed yet a third band, The Pinetops, and released the excellent one-off album, Above Ground and Vertical.” 

Hal Bogerd interviews Jeffrey Dean Foster for No Depression, covering everything from his influences, the North Carolina music scene and working with William Shatner. Read the full text HERE.

Triad City Beat: Best of 2014

Photo: Jordan Green

Photo: Jordan Green

“At least five years in the making, Jeffrey Dean Foster’s The Arrow is almost too good to be true. As the lead track declares, “Life is sweet, but it doesn’t last,” and practically every note of music and vocal utterance underscores the beauty of that transient notion. The Winston-Salem artist is a master at crafting music that imparts listeners with a distinct feeling seared onto their individual experiences. […] There are too many good songs to mention, but the fierce blast of “Young Tigers Disappear” — an accounting of the wreckage of American military misadventures in the last decade — and the reckless release of “Hang My Head On You” bear special note.”

–Jordan Green, Triad City Beat: 10 Best Albums of 2014

Read the full post HERE.

The Arrow: One of Vin Scelsa’s Top Albums of 2014

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 1.52.17 AM

Vin Scelsa, the longtime host of WFUV’s “Idiot’s Delight” show, has named The Arrow as one of his top albums of 2014. “[The Arrow is] the long-awaited follow-up to Million Star Hotel … and worth the wait.” (Weirdly enough, Harry Dean Stanton was also on his list. If Jeffrey Dean Morgan ever considered putting out a record, this would’ve been the year for it.)

In October, Scelsa featured several songs from The Arrow during an “Idiot’s Delight” broadcast. “I’ve admired [Jeffrey Dean Foster] since he was in a band called the Pinetops,” he wrote at the time. “His solo album Million Star Hotel was one of my favorite albums from the mid-oughts.”

The Arrow in No Depression’s Top 10

“My top ten could have been my top twenty or top thirty but the albums I listened to the most this year (by far) were these five: Night Surfer, The Arrow, Deadstock, Most Messed Up and Love Away. I both blame and thank Chuck Prophet, Jeffrey Dean Foster, Michael Rank, Old 97’s and Chris Hickey.”

Hal Bogerd from No Depression ranked The Arrow at No. 2 on his year-end list of his 10 favorite albums of the year. (We’re honored to be right behind our pal Chuck Prophet.) Read his full list HERE.

“Hitting the Rock and Roll Target”

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 1.32.51 AM

“Each song feels like it was constructed with care and the goal of making an album filled with tunes that could easily work as singles. You may already be set on your favorite albums of the time, but it’s not too late to sneak The Arrow on there, and at the very least it’s well worth a listen.”

Read Neil Ferguson’s thoughts on The Arrow – and his interview with Jeffrey Dean Foster – HERE.