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“A sonically satisfying collection of songs”

“Awash with blathering deejays spinning Top 40 hits in the daytime, some FM stations became mysterious destinations at night, culling from a whole new playlist that might include back-to-back-to-back deep cuts from Neil Young, David Bowie and The Kinks, as if the music was too cool to see the light of day. […] The music of that era serves as a touchstone in The Arrow, a complex, sonically satisfying collection of songs by the brightest light in Winston-Salem’s rich music scene.”

Lisa O’Donnell interviewed Jeffrey Dean Foster for the Winston-Salem Journal, just days before The Arrow‘s official CD release benefit concert at SECCA. The show will support The Shalom Project, a non-profit community support group that provides meals and clothing, medical care and love to those who need it.

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American Songwriter on The Arrow

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“For reasons  that are incomprehensible to many of us, Power Pop is a bit like having a high IQ. Many covet it, many would like to have, but the whole topic is just too embarrassing to talk about. Maybe Jeffrey Dean Foster’s new CD, The Arrow (Angel Skull Records), will change all that. Produced by the legendary Mitch Easter, the guy who helped REM achieve solid liftoff, Foster’s new album is so full of strong yet winsome melodies, catchy hooks and vocals that thankfully owe nothing to Eddie Vedder’s ridiculous, rocks-in-the-mouth phrasing, that maybe, like being smart, it will be soon be cool to cop to the fact that you like tuneful Rock. […] Just listen to The Arrow. If the target Foster is aiming at is your heart? Bullseye!” — Peter Gerstenzang

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Blurt Gives The Arrow Five Stars

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“For folks who like their songwriting sharp and their sonics sublime, this is the album you’ve been waiting for. And for fans of classic Southern pop—dB’s, Let’s Active, Connells, R.E.M. of course—it’s a gift of epic proportions that’ll rekindle all that jangle lust you’ve kept tucked away in your hearts these many years. I keep listening to it trying to find flaws or loose threads only to detect none, even after, I dunno, 30 listens. There have even been moments when it’s literally taken my breath away. Mark my words, this five-out-of-five-stars album will be on more than a few best-of lists come 2014’s end, including mine.” — Fred Mills

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Jeffrey Dean Foster in Triad City Beat

Photo: Jordan Green

Photo: Jordan Green

“He’s like an apparition, so comfortable with these streets they fit him like old jeans, almost invisible. While beautiful, young people throng the café scene on West Fourth Street, Jeffrey Dean Foster thinks about his father’s sporting-goods store on Sixth Street, how they used to walk a couple blocks to the old Murphy’s Lunch, its window now caked in dust, easy to miss as the city hurtles forward into the new millennium.”

Jordan Green talked to Jeffrey Dean Foster about The Arrow, recording with Don Dixon and Mitch Easter and the album’s “unintentional” theme. Read the full interview in Triad City Beat.